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A tribute [ode] to the pleasure of cycling

Many say that the bicycle is the most perfect machine ever invented by men. Well, I would even say God inspired its creation. Evolving always, it reflects our changing times and us. It is a complete tool, simple and multifunctional – enabling transportation, exercise, integration with the environment and even making new friends! Not to mention the unique pleasure of a bike ride.

This is where it all starts to make sense; the bicycle opens a window into our soul. Pedaling we become one with our surrounding, realizing the vastness of the world and of our own potential.

In the bicycle, life progresses at just the right pace: not as fast as in a car, nor as slow as a stroll. The heart is the journey’s engine. Our feelings are our guides. We are one with the machine.

While, in many instances, we might be pedaling alone, we never feel lonely. The inexplicable magic is that bicycle is a trusted mentor, a faithful friend, challenging us to go farther and further, venturing into unexplored territory, teaching great humility just as it offers incredible joy.

What to say of a vehicle that streamlines our engine, making it more potent and fuel-efficient at the same time? That brings us back to basics, reminding us that we do not need a lot to be happy and truly content.

This simplicity surrounding the act of pedaling makes cycling a beloved activity to all. There are no cultural, racial or class barriers – we are all cyclists. Few activities offer such joy as a wonderful bike ride with whom we love. For those who have never tried, I think of it as liberating, as relearning to walk…as consciously jumping into the abyss in order to fly; as feeling forever young at heart and suddenly certain mankind is worthwhile. Cycling for cycling sake, that is the secret.

Cesar Dosso